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A unique quality of the Guernsey milk is its yellowy colouring. During the days of the old Milk Marketing Board this was recognised and rewarded with a premium of 4p/litre over 'ordinary' Friesian milk, and it's rich yellow colouring was in demand to make Gold Top products attractive. However, that yellow colour is not only decorative; it is caused by the unique ability of the Guernsey cow to convert beta carotene (now recognised as a powerful anti-oxidant) from the sunshine, through the grass into the milk. No other breed of cattle can do this.

Another unusual feature of the milk is the fact that at least 95% of the protein is carried in the A2 form. What this actually means is that the protein is similar to that found in the milk from sheep, goats and the more primitive breeds of cattle, and some people who are unable to drink cow's milk, find Guernsey milk suitable for their requirements.

A2 also has positive implications concerning heart disease, some forms of diabetes, and even autism in children (please 'google' A2 for better information). About 35% of cows in the other UK breeds carry the gene responsible for transmitting A2, but Guernsey's are almost 100% A2 transmitters. All bulls within the breed are checked to make sure that they have the A2/A2 genome.

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